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ظ ل ل
General Root Meaning
to remain, last, continue doing a thing, be, become, grow into, remain, persevere, went on doing.
zallala and azalla - to shade, give shade over.
zillun - shade, shadow, shelter.
zullatun - awning, shelter, booth, covering, cloud giving shade, protection, state of ease and happiness.
zalla perf. 3rd. m. sing. assim.
zallat perf. 3rd. f. sing.
zalta perf. 2nd. m. sing.
zallu perf. 3rd. m. pl.
zalaltum impf. 2nd. m. pl.
yazlalnaa impf. 3rd. f. pl.
nazallu impf. 1st. pl.
zallanaa perf. 1st. pl. vb. 2