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و س ع
General Root Meaning
to be ample, take in, comprehend, embrace.
Wasi'a (prf. 3rd. m. sing.): Extended; Comprehended.
Wasi'at (prf 3rd. p. f sing.): Embraces.
Wasi'ta (prf 2nd. p. m. sing.): Thou comprehended.
Sa'atun (v. n.): Abundance; Amplitude; Bounty.
Waasi'un (act. pic. m. sing.): Bountiful; All-Pervading.
Al-Waasi'un: one of the names of God.
Wasi'atun (act. pic. f. sing.): wide, spacious.
Muus'i (ap-der. m. sing. vb. IV): maker of the vast extant.
Wus'un (n.): capacity, scope.