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ط ر ق
General Root Meaning
to come by night, beat something, knock, strike,
tariq - one who comes or appears by night, morning star that comes at the end of the night, night-visitant, star,
tariqan - way/path, line of conduct, behaviour.
   l-ṭāriqu   (1)

And what can make you know what the night comer (is)?

   l-ṭarīqati   (1)

And that if they had remained on the Way, surely We (would) have given t water (in) abundance,

   biṭarīqatikumu   (1)

They said, "Indeed, these two [two] magicians they intend that they drive you out of your land with their magic and do away with your way the exemplary.

   ṭarāiqa   (2)

And that [we] among us (are) the righteous and among us (are) other than that. We (are on) ways different.

And indeed, We (have) created above you seven paths and not We are of the creation unaware.

   ṭarīqin   (1)

They said, "O our people! Indeed, we [we] have heard a Book revealed from after Musa confirming what between (his) hands guiding to the truth and to a Path Straight.

   ṭarīqa   (1)

Except (the) way (to) Hell, abiding in it forever. And is that for Allah easy.

   ṭarīqan   (2)

Indeed, those who disbelieved and did wrong, not will Allah [to] forgive them and not He will guide them (to) a way,

And verily, We inspired to Musa that, "Travel by night with My slaves and strike for them a path in the sea dry; not fearing to be overtaken and not being afraid."

   ṭarīqatan   (1)

We know best what they will say when will say, (the) best of them (in) conduct, "Not you remained except (for) a day."

   wal-ṭāriqi   (1)

By the sky and the night comer,

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