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ط ل ع
General Root Meaning
to ascend/rise, go up, learn, come on, come towards anyone, start from, climb upon, reach, sprout, notice, look, seek, examine, expose, explain, appear, inform, occur, consider, know.
tal'un - the spathe or sheath in which the flowers of the date palm are enclosed, also the fruit when it first appears, fruit, ranged dates.
tuluu - rising.
matla'un - twilight of rising (of sun).
atla'a (vb. 4) - to make manifest to anyone, cause one to understand.
ittala'a for itta'ala'a (vb. 8) - to mount up, penetrate.
attala'a for a'attala'a - has he penetrated (here the hamzah of union waslah being omitted after the interrogative hamzah).