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س ر ب
General Root Meaning
to go freely, flow, run, go manifestly, go about freely.
sarab - plain of sand, substance, mound of loose sand, optical illusion, mirage, nothing.
   sarāban   (1)

And are moved the mountains and become a mirage.

   saraban   (1)

But when they reached the junction between them, they forgot their fish, and it took its way into the sea, slipping away.

   kasarābin   (1)

But those who disbelieve, their deeds (are) like a mirage in a lowland, thinks it the thirsty one (to be) water, until when he comes to it, not he finds it (to be) anything, but he finds Allah before him, He will pay him in full his due. And Allah (is) swift (in) the account.

   wasāribun   (1)

(It is) same (to Him) [of you] (one) who conceals the speech or (one) who publicizes it and (one) who [he] (is) hidden by night or goes freely by day.

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