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س ل ل
General Root Meaning
draw forth/out from another thing (e.g. like a hair from dough, sword from sword case), fall out from something, strive to outstrip/come forth/surpass, take/steal secretly, connect one thing with another, extraction, extract, slip, essence.
   sulālatin   (2)

And indeed, We created the humankind from an essence of clay.

Then He made his progeny from an extract of water despised.

   yatasallalūna   (1)

(Do) not make (the) calling (of) the Messenger among you as (the) call (of) some of you (to) others. Verily, knows Allah those who slip away among you under shelter. So let beware those who oppose [from] his orders lest befalls them a trial or befalls them a punishment painful.

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