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ش ر ح
General Root Meaning
to open/enlarge/expand/spread, uncover/disclose/explain.
   ish'raḥ   (1)

He said, "My Lord! Expand for me my breast

   sharaḥa   (2)

So is (one for) whom has expanded Allah his breast for Islam so he (is) upon a light from his Lord. So woe to (those are) hardened their hearts from (the) remembrance (of) Allah. Those (are) in error clear.

Whoever disbelieves in Allah from after his belief, except (one) who is forced while his heart (is) content with the faith. But (one) who opens to disbelief (his) breast, then upon them (is) a wrath of Allah and for them (is) a punishment great.

   nashraḥ   (1)

Have not We expanded for you your breast?

   yashraḥ   (1)

So whoever wants Allah that He guides him - He expands his breast to Islam; and whoever He wants that He lets him go astray He makes his breast tight and constricted as though he (were) climbing into the sky. Thus places Allah the filth on those who (do) not believe.

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