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ص ر ص ر
General Root Meaning
This is a quadrilateral verb derived from sarra - to cry out, make a chattering noise (as a green woodpecker).
sarsarun - loud roaring and furious wind, blast of cold, wind, vehement wind, raging furious and intense cold (wind).
   ṣarṣarin   (1)

And as for Aad, they were destroyed by a wind screaming violent,

   ṣarṣaran   (1)

So We sent upon them a wind furious in (the) days (of) misfortune, that We may make them taste (the) punishment (of) disgrace in the life (of) the world. And surely, (the) punishment (of) the Hereafter (is) more disgracing, and they not will be helped.

Indeed, We [We] sent upon them a wind furious on a day (of) misfortune continuous,

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