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ص ن م
General Root Meaning
to be offensive (smell), become strong.
sanama - to shape out idols for worship.
sanam (pl. asnaam) - idol, everything that is worshipped other than Al-laah.
   aṣnāmin   (1)

And We led across (the) Children (of) Israel the sea. Then they came upon a people devoted to idols of theirs. They said, "O Musa! Make for us a god like what they have gods. He said, "Indeed, you (are) a people ignorant.

   aṣnāman   (1)

And when said Ibrahim to his father Aazar, "Do you take idols (as) gods? Indeed, I [I] see you and your people in error manifest."

They said, "We worship idols, so we will remain to them devoted."

   aṣnāmakum   (1)

And by Allah surely, I will plan (against) your idols after [that] you go away turning (your) backs."

   l-aṣnāma   (1)

And when said Ibrahim, "My Lord! Make this city safe, and keep me away and my sons that we worship the idols.

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