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ر ه ط
General Root Meaning
to take large mouthfuls, glut, remain indoors, assemble. rahtun - family, sons of one man, kindred, one's people, party/gang/group/tribe, consisting of his nearer relations and a number of men less than ten among whom is no woman, or more than ten, to forty; or a word having a plural meaning without any proper singular.
   arahṭī   (1)

He said, "O my people! Is my family mightier on you than Allah? And you have taken Him, behind your backs. Indeed, my Lord of what you do (is) All-Encompassing.

   rahṭin   (1)

And were in the city nine family heads, they were spreading corruption in the land and not reforming.

   rahṭuka   (1)

They said, "O Shuaib! Not we understand much of what you say, and indeed, we surely [we] see you among us weak. And if not for your family surely we would have stoned and not you are against us mighty."

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