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ر ح ل
General Root Meaning
to depart, saddle-bag, he saddled the camel, he bound upon the camel, to mount, rode, pack, caravan, remove/travel/journey.
   riḥālihim   (1)

And he said to his servants, "Put their merchandise in their saddlebags so that they may recognize it when they go back to their people so that they may return."

   raḥli   (1)

So when he had furnished them with their supplies, he put the drinking cup in the bag (of) his brother. Then called out an announcer "O you (in) the caravan! Indeed, you surely (are) thieves."

   riḥ'lata   (1)

Their familiarity (with the) journey (of) winter and summer,

   raḥlihi   (1)

They said, "Its recompense (is that one) who, it is found in his bag, then he (will be) his recompense. Thus (do) we recompense the wrongdoers."

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