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ر ا ى
General Root Meaning
to see/think/hold, in opinion of, perceive, judge, consider, know.
ara'itaka / ara'itakum - do tell me thou/you (the personal pronoun Kaf is added for emphasis and is not purely as pleonism without adding to the meaning).
tara'ni is for a compound word of a verb tara followed by a pronoun ni - you see me.
badi al-ra'yi - having superficial view, outward appearance, first thought, apparently, without proper consideration.
ra'yal'ain - to see with naked eye, judgement by sight.
ri'yun - outward appearance, make a show.
ru'ya - vision dream.
a'lam tara - behold! lo!
ri'aun - hypocrisy, ostentation, to be seen.
tara'a - to see one another, consider, come in sight of one another.
yura'una - they deceive hypocritically assuming a false appearance.