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ق ص د
General Root Meaning
to intend, be moderate, steer a middle course, go or proceed straight away, aim at, intend, repair, purpose, act moderately.
qasdun - the right way, middle path, right direction, leading the right path, aim, intention, straight and right road, just.
qasidun - easy or moderate (journey).
muqtasidun - one who keeps to the right and moderate path, who falls between the two extremes or upper limit and lower limit, of good intentions.
   qāṣidan   (1)

If it had been a gain near and a journey easy, surely they (would) have follo but was long for them the distance. And they will swear by Allah, "If we were able, certainly we (would) have come with you." They destroy their own selves and Allah knows (that) indeed, they (are) surely liars.

   qaṣdu   (1)

And upon Allah (is) the direction (of) the way, and among them (are) crooked. And if He willed, surely He would have guided yo all.

   muq'taṣidun   (2)

Then We caused to inherit the Book those whom We have chosen of Our slaves; and among them (is he) who wrongs himself, and among them (is he who is) moderate, and among them (is he who is) foremost in good deeds by permission (of) Allah. That is the Bounty the great.

And when covers them a wave like canopies, they call Allah, (being) sincere to Him (in) religion. But when He delivers them to the land then among them (some are) moderate. And not deny Our Signs except every traitor ungrateful.

   muq'taṣidatun   (1)

And if that they had stood firmly (by) the Taurat and the Injeel and what was revealed to them from their Lord, surely they (would have) eaten from above them and from beneath their feet. Among them (is) a community moderate, but many of them - evil (is) what they do.

   wa-iq'ṣid   (1)

And be moderate in your pace and lower [of] your voice. Indeed, (the) harshest (of all) sounds (is) surely (the) voice (of) the donkeys."

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