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ق ر ط س
General Root Meaning
to shoot, take aim, hit the mark, perish. qirtas (pl. qaratis) - parchment, what one writes upon, sheet of paper, scroll of paper, writing, book, skin used as target.
   qarāṭīsa   (1)

And (did) not they appraise Allah (with) true (his) appraisal, when they said, "Not revealed Allah on a human being [of] anything." Say, "Who revealed the Book which brought [it] Musa (as) a light and guidance for the people? You make it (into) parchments, you disclose (some of) it and you conceal much (of it). And you were taught what not knew you and not your forefathers." Say, "Allah (revealed it)." Then leave them in their discourse - playing.

   qir'ṭāsin   (1)

And (even) if We (had) sent down to you a written Scripture in a parchment and they touched it with their hands, surely (would) have said those who disbelieved, "Not (is) this but magic clear."

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