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ن ب ذ
General Root Meaning
to throw, fling, give up, cast off, reject, throw a thing because of its worthlessness or not taking into account.
   intabadhat   (1)

And mention in the Book Maryam, when she withdrew from her family (to) a place eastern.

   fa-inbidh   (1)

And if you fear from a people betrayal throw back to them on equal (terms). Indeed, Allah (does) not love the traitors.

   fa-intabadhat   (1)

So she conceived him, and she withdrew with him (to) a place remote.

   fanabadhtuhā   (1)

He said, "I perceived what not they perceive, in it, so I took a handful from (the) track (of) the Messenger then threw it, and thus suggested to me my soul."

   fanabadhnāhu   (1)

But We cast him onto the open shore while he (was) ill.

   fanabadhnāhum   (2)

So We took him and his hosts and threw them into the sea, while he (was) blameworthy.

So We seized him and his hosts, and We threw them in the sea. So see how was (the) end (of) the wrongdoers.

   fanabadhūhu   (1)

And when took Allah a Covenant (from) those who were given the Book, "You certainly make it clear to the mankind and (do) not conceal it. Then they threw it behind their backs and they exchanged [with] it (for) a price little. And wretched (is) what they purchase.

   lanubidha   (1)

If not that overtook him a Favor from his Lord, surely he would have been thro onto (the) naked shore while he (was) blamed.

   layunbadhanna   (1)

Nay! Surely he will be thrown in the Crusher.

   nabadha   (1)

And when came to them a Messenger (of) from Allah confirming what (was) with them, threw away a party of those who were given the Book (the) Book (of) Allah behind their backs as if they (do) not know.

   nabadhahu   (1)

And is (it not that) whenever they took a covenant, threw it away a party of them? Nay, most of them (do) not believe.

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