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ل ذ ذ
General Root Meaning
To be sweet (or savoury), delicious, delightful, pleasant, gratifying the senses, find agreeable, take pleasure/delight/enjoyment in.
   ladhatin   (1)

White, delicious for the drinkers;

A parable (of) Paradise which is promised (to) the righteous. Therein (are) rivers of water not polluted, and rivers of milk not changes its taste, and rivers of wine delicious for (the) drinkers, and rivers of honey purified, and for them therein of all fruits and forgiveness from their Lord like he who (will) abide forever in the Fire and they will be given to drin water boiling so it cuts into pieces their intestines.

   wataladhu   (1)

Will be circulated for them plates of gold and cups. And therein (is) what desires the souls and delights the eyes, and you therein will abide forever.

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