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خ و ر
General Root Meaning
Utter a cry/low or bellow (primarily a bull or cattle), to bend/turn/incline towards someone, become weak/feeble/languid, soft or fragile, become faint/remit or abate, - [in a camel that is drinking, khawar denotes or implies a quality that is praised; i.e. Patient enduring of thirst and fatigue: and a quality dispraised as well; i.e. The Lacking patience to endure thirst and fatigue. (TA)] - interrogate, unable to endure difficulty or distress, act cowardly.
   khuwārun   (2)

And took (the) people (of) Musa, from after him from their ornaments (of) a calf - an image [for] it (had) a lowing sound. Did not they see that it (could) not speak to them and not guide them (to) a way? They took it (for worship) and they were wrongdoers.

Then he brought forth for them a calf's body it had a lowing sound, and they said, "This (is) your god and the god (of) Musa, but he forgot."

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