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خ ب ت
General Root Meaning
became concealed/obscure or of no reputation, lowly/humble/submissive/obedient, to humble one's self, to abase one's self, still/motionless.
   l-mukh'bitīna   (1)

And for every nation We have appointed a rite, that they may mention (the) name (of) Allah over what He (has) provided them of (the) beast (of) cattle. And your God (is) God One, so to Him submit. And give glad tidings (to) the humble ones.

   fatukh'bita   (1)

And that may know those who have been given the knowledge that it (is) the truth from your Lord, and they believe in it, and may humbly submit to it their hearts. And indeed, Allah (is) surely (the) Guide (of) those who believe, to a Path Straight.

   wa-akhbatū   (1)

Indeed, those who believe and do good deeds and humble themselves before their Lord, those (are the) companions (of) Paradise, they in it (will) abide forever.

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