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خ ب ل
General Root Meaning
To be or become corrupted, unsound, vitiated or disordered in intellect or reason, become possessed or insane, be lost, cut off, deprived of heart or reason. Prevent or hinder from doing a thing. Affliction/trouble/difficulty/distress/fatigue.
Seek to corrupt, render unsound, occasioning to agitation like that of possession or insanity, by disease affecting the reason and thought.
Difficulty in people in which they see not happiness.
Egregious stupidity or foolishness, heedlessness or weakness of intellect, state of perdition or destruction. Disordered in the legs so as not to know how to walk.
Going/passing/wasting away, being consumed or destroyed.
To lend. Jinn, devil, mankind.
   khabālan   (2)

O you who believe[d]! (Do) not take (as) intimates from other than yourselves, not they will spare you (any) ruin. They wish what distresses you. Indeed, (has become) apparent the hatred from their mouths, and what conceals their breasts (is) greater. Certainly We made clear for you the Verses, if you were (to use) reason.

If they (had) gone forth with you, not they (would) have increased yo except (in) confusion and would have been active in your midst seeking (for) you dissension. And among you (are some) who would have listened to them. And Allah (is) All-Knower, of the wrongdoers.

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