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ك م
General Root Meaning
Many, how many?
   kam   (3)

Does it not guide [for] them, (that) how many We have destroyed before them from of the generations, they walk about in their dwellings. Indeed, in that surely, are Signs. Then do not they hear?

Or like the one who passed by a township, and it (had) overturned on its roofs. He said, "How (will) bring to life this (town) Allah after its death?" Then he was made to die (by) Allah (for) a hundred year(s), then He raised him. He said, "How long (have) you remained?" He said, "I remained (for) a day or a part (of) a day." He said, "Nay, you (have) remained one hundred year(s). Then look at your food and your drink, (they did) not change with time, and look at your donkey, and We will make you a sign for the people. And look at the bones how We raise them, then We cover them (with) flesh." Then when became clear to him, he said, "I know that Allah (is) on every thing All-Powerful."

And similarly, We raised them that they might question among them. Said a speaker among them, "How long have you remained?" They said, "We have remained a day or a part (of) a day." They said, "Your Lord knows best how long you have remained. So send one of you with silver coin of yours this to the city, and let him see which is the purest food, and let him bring to you provision from it, and let him be cautious. And not make aware about you anyone."

He will say, "How long did you remain in the earth, (in) number (of) years?"

Ask (the) Children (of) Israel, how many We gave them of (the) Sign(s) clear. And whoever changes Favor (of) Allah from after [what] it (has) come to him - then indeed, Allah (is) severe in [the] chastising.

Then when set out Talut with the forces he said, "Indeed, Allah will test you with a river. So whoever drinks from it then he is not from me, and whoever (does) not taste it then indeed, he (is) from me except whoever takes (in the) hollow (of) his hand." Then they drank from it except a few of them. Then when he crossed it, he and those who believed with him, they said, "No strength for us today against Jalut and his troops." Said those who were certain that they (would) meet Allah, "How many of a company small overcame a company large by (the) permission (of) Allah. And Allah (is) with the patient ones."

Did not they see how many We destroyed from before them of generations We had established them in the earth what Not we (have) established for you? And We sent (rain from) the sky upon them showering abundantly and We made the rivers flow from underneath them. Then We destroyed them for their sins and We raised from after them generations other.

Then has not it guided [for] them how many We (have) destroyed before them, of the generations, (as) they walk in their dwellings? Indeed, in that surely (are) Signs for possessors (of) intelligence.

Do not they see at the earth - how many We produced in it of every kind noble.

Do not they see how many We destroyed before them of the generations? That they to them not will return.

How many We destroyed from before them of a generation, then they called out when there (was) no longer time (for) escape.

How many (did) they leave of gardens and springs,

   wakam   (1)

And how many of a city We destroyed it, and came to it Our punishment (at) night or (while) they were sleeping at noon.

And how many We destroyed from the generations from after Nuh! And sufficient (is) your Lord concerning the sins (of) His servants All-Aware, All-Seer.

And how many We destroyed before them of a generation - they (were) better (in) possessions and appearance?

And how many We (have) destroyed before them of a generation? Can you perceive of them any one or hear from them a sound?

And how many We (have) shattered of a town (that) was unjust, and We produced after them people another.

And how many We have destroyed of a town which exulted, (in) its means of livelihood. And these (are) their dwellings not have been inhabited from after them except a little. And indeed, [We] We (are) the inheritors.

And how many we sent from a Prophet among the former (people),

And how many We destroyed before them of a generation, they (were) stronger than them (in) power. so they explored throughout the lands. Is (there) any place of escape?

And how many of (the) Angels in the heavens not will avail their intercession anything except from after [that] has given permission Allah for whom He wills and approves.

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