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ج ب ر
General Root Meaning
To reduce from a fractured state, or restore from a state of poverty to sufficiency. Set or reduced from a fractured state. ""A poor man being likened to one who has a broken bone and his restoration to wealth being likened to the setting of the bone."" Compell, constrain, incite, urge, or induce another [against his will]. Addition of something for the purpose of reparation [in computation]. Self-magnification, pride, haughtiness, insolence, bold, audacious, inordinate, tyrannical, overbearing, extravagent. A king. ""There has been no prophetic office but a kingly office has succeeded in its place through someone's self-magnification, pride, haughtiness, or insolence."" Slave, servant. No retaliation or expiatory mulct exacted [for a thing/person]. Tall, above the reach of the hand, ascend [the palm tree that grows tall for the cutting of its fruit], and retaining excellence.