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ج ب ل
General Root Meaning
He (God) created him with an adaptation/disposition by nature. He compelled him against his will. He (or they) came/went/betook himself to the mountain. He (a digger) reached a hard place or stone in his digging. Big/thick/coarse/rough (human or a thing). Much/numerous. The lord/chief of a company of men. Any of the mountains of the earth that is big and long (also applied to a rocky tract. Any rocky evelation however little) A man who doesn't remove from his place/niggard. The serpent. The echo. A vice/fault/defect/blemish. Hardness of the earth/ground. A camel's hump. The origin of any created thing. A garment/piece of cloth good in respect of the thread and the weaving. Company of men/nation. Nature/natural/native/innate/original. Relating to mountain/mountains. Having a bad/ugly face. Applied to a man: Great/large/big in make like a mountain.
jabala - to form/create, to mix (e.g. clay with water).
jabillun/jibillat - crowd/multitude, number of people, generation.