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ح ط ط
General Root Meaning
To put down (a burden), leave off, lower. To put something down from a high to a lower place, to alight or alight and abode in a place, throw a thing down, pay a thing down (namely money), make a thing descend or go down/downwards/down a declivity from above to below, lower or degrade a person, abate of a thing much, make a large abatement of a thing, abate someone of a debt, remove or skim off from a thing, to be abated, to be low or cheap (price), to be quick in pace, vehement running, launch forth into a thing, to press on in, polish or smooth the skin and figure or decorate it, rule or make lines upon a thing, to be put down, descend, go down or downwards, go from above to below, to be lowered or degraded, go back or backward, go away, perish, ask/demand/desire abatement from a person.