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ح س س
General Root Meaning
To slaughter, extirpate, destroy, kill, make one’s perceiving powers dead, rout, make one's sound or motion to cease, trod and despise someone or a people, devour, blast or burn, carry or remove or shake off, to be tender or compassionate towards someone (lit., to feel for someone), lament for someone, perceive or become sensible of something, know a thing by means of any of the senses, ascertain a thing, know a thing certainly, to be certain or sure of something, to listen, to seek repeatedly/time after time to know a thing, ask or inquire after news or tidings of something, inquire or seek for information about something or someone, to be pulled out or up or off, to be eradicated or displaced, fall out or come out, fall continuously/by degrees/one part after another, break into pieces.