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د ح ر
General Root Meaning
To drive away, repel, to remove, turn off, discard, banish.

Duhuur (v.n.): Out cast; Drive off
Madhuuran (pac. pic. ): Driven away

   duḥūran   (1)

Repelled; and for them (is) a punishment perpetual,

   madḥūran   (3)

That (is) from what (was) revealed to you (from) your Lord of the wisdom. And (do) not make with Allah god other lest you should be thrown in Hell, blameworthy, abandoned.

(Allah) said, "Get out of it disgraced and expelled. Certainly, whoever follows you among them, surely, I will fill Hell with you all.

Whoever should desire the immediate We hasten for him in it what We will to whom We intend. Then We have made for him Hell, he will burn disgraced rejected.

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