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ض و ا
General Root Meaning
Brought to light, made visible, discovered, or revealed. One who stood in the dark to see people by the light of their fire, without their seeing him.
   aḍāa   (1)

Almost the lightning snatches away their sight. Whenever it flashes for them they walk in it, and when it darkens on them they stand (still). And if had willed Allah, He would certainly have taken their hearing, and their sight. Indeed, Allah (is) on every thing All-Powerful.

   aḍāat   (1)

Their example (is) like (the) example (of) the one who kindled a fire, then, when it illuminated what (was) around him took away Allah their light and left them in darkness[es], (so) not (do) they see.

   biḍiyāin   (1)

Say, "Have you seen if made Allah for you the night continuous till (the) Day (of) the Resurrection, who (is the) god besides Allah who could bring you light? Then will not you hear?"

   ḍiyāan   (1)

He (is) the One Who made the sun a shining light, and the moon a reflected light and determined for it phases, that you may know (the) number (of) the years and the count (of time). Not created Allah that except in truth. He explains the Signs for a people (who) know.

   waḍiyāan   (1)

And verily, We gave Musa and Harun the Criterion and a light and a Reminder for the righteous.

   yuḍīu   (1)

Allah (is the) Light (of) the heavens and the earth. (The) example (of) His Light (is) like a niche in it (is) a lamp; the lamp (is) in a glass, the glass as if it were a star brilliant (which) is lit from a tree blessed - an olive, not (of the) east and not (of the) west, would almost its oil glow, even if not touched it fire. Light upon Light. guides Allah to His Light whom He wills. And sets forth Allah the examples for the mankind. And Allah of every thing (is) All-Knower.

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