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ع ز ز
General Root Meaning
mighty/potent/powerful/strong, noble/honourable/glorious, resisted/withstood, invincible, overcome (e.g. in argument), exalt, prevail, highly esteemed, precious, glory, vanity, excellent, proud and hard manner, stern.
'Azza (prf. 3rd. m. sing. asim. V): Prevailed.
'Azzaznaa (prf. 1st. pl. II): We strengthened.
Tu'izzu (impf. 2nd. m. pl. II): thou honour, confer honour and dignity.
'Izzan (v. n.): source of strength.
'Izzatun (v. n.): vain pride, false prestige or sense of self respect, might honour, power.
Al-Aziizun (act. pic. m. sing.): All-Mighty, One of the names of Allah, Unassailable, invincible, powerful in evidences and arguments, strong, mighty, heavy (with 'alaa: tell hard upon).
A'azzu (elative): more powerful, that occupies stronger and more respectable position.
A'izzatan (n. pl.): most respectable and powerful, its sing. is 'Aziiyun.
Al-‘Uzzá mentioned in 53:19 was one of the three chief goddesses of Arabian religion in pre-Islamic times and was worshiped by the pre-Islamic Arabs along with Allāt and Manāt.