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ع و ذ
General Root Meaning
to seek or take protection, refuge, be next, the bone (flesh). Ma'aadh - a refuge, Ma'aadh Allaah - I seek refuge with Allaah, God forbid, Allaah be my refuge.
'Udhtu (prf. 1st. sing.): I sought refuge/protection.
A'uudhu (imp. 1st. sing.): I seek refuge.
Ya'uudhuuna (imp. 3rd. m. pl.): they seek refuge.
U'iidh (imp. 1st. sing. vb. IV): I seek refuge for, do commend (to your) protection.
Ista'idh (prt. m. sing. vb. 10): seek refuge!
Ma'aadhun (pis. pic.): refuge.