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ع و ر
General Root Meaning
To come within power or reach, to interchange, by turns [such as ascending a pulpit one after another, by turns; whenever one goes another comes after], to ask or seek a loan, weakness, faultiness, unsoundness, badness, foulness, or unseemliness in a thing, disgrace or disfigurement, a gap or opening [thus exposure or exposing a thing]. Anything which is veiled or conceals by reason of disdainful pride, or shame of prudency; anything of which one is ashamed when it appears. This root also refers to the pudendum [or external genital organs] of a human being because it is abominable to uncover and look at them. The parts or part of a person which is indecent to expose. Now this is relative because for the slave women it will be indecent to expose what is between the navel and the knee and of the free women it will be indecent to expose everything except the hands and face. A fault, defect, imperfection or blemish.