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ع ل ق
General Root Meaning
to adhere to, hang, love, leech, have an attachment, cling, hold fast, pertain, catch, concern, become attached by love, suspend, fasten a thing, cleave, clot of blood, germ-cell, fertilised female ovum. alqun/ilqun - precious thing. alaqatun - true love, attachment. ilaqatun - love, affection
'Alaa (pap. 3rd. m. sing.): Overcome; Have dominated.
'Alau (prf. 3rd. m. plu. IV): They overcome, conquered.
Laa Ta'lau (prt. neg. m. plu.): Exalt not; Do not rise up.
Ta'lunna (imp. 2nd. m. plu. emp.): Ye will surely become overbearing.
Ta'aalaa: High above (all).
Ista'laa (prf. 3rd. m. sing. X): Become uppermost; Successful.
'Aalin: (act. pic. m. sing. juss.): Self-exalting one; Tyrant; Haughty.
'Aaliyan (act. pic. acc.): Self exalted one; Haughty.
'Aaliya: Upside-over (Them).
'Aaliin (act. pic. m. plu.): Self exalting ones; Those who are haughty.
'Aaliyatun (act. pic. f sing.): High; Lofty.
'Ulaa (elative f. plu.): Lofty ones.
'Ulyaa (elative f. sing.): Supermost; Prevailing.
'Uluwwan (v. n. acc.): Great height; Overbearing.
'Aliiyyun (act. 2nd. pic.): The highest one. One of the names of Allah.
A'laa (m. sing. elative.): The great.
Al-A'laa: The most high. One of the names of Allah.
A'launa (m. plu.): Overcoming ones; Triumphant.
'Illiyuuna / 'Illiyyiina (acc./ nom.): The highest of the places; Register of those enjoying the most exalted ranks. Its sing. is`Illiyyatun.
Muta'aal (ap-der. vb. VIII): Exalted.
Ta'aalau (prt. m. plu.): You come.
Ta'aalain (prt. f. plu.): You women come.