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(Word by Word)

az-Zalzalah (The Earthquake, The Shaking)
as rendered by LiteralWord by Word
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(Word by Word) rendition of Surah The Earthquake, The Shaking(az-Zalzalah)
99:1 When is shaken the earth (with) its earthquake,
99:2 And brings forth the earth its burdens,
99:3 And says man, "What (is) with it?"
99:4 That Day, it will report its news,
99:5 Because your Lord inspired [to] it.
99:6 That Day will proceed the mankind (in) scattered groups to be shown their deeds.
99:7 So whoever does (equal to the) weight (of) an atom good, will see it,
99:8 And whoever does (equal to the) weight (of) an atom evil, will see it.


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