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93:1  By the forenoon
93:2  And by the night when life is reduced to quietness and darkness prevails and falls into a swoon
93:3  Allah your Creator, has not forsaken you nor does He dislike you or with you He is displeased
93:4  Indeed what awaits you in the Hereafter far excels all that you will experience here with all the gratification and happiness to be occasioned by future victory and satisfaction
93:5  And Allah, your Creator, shall bestow on you gratuitously what will meet with your expectation of blessing and benefaction
93:6  Did He not find you an orphan and He gave you shelter and care through your kinsman
93:7  Did He not find you unsettled and not freed from doubt and uncertainty and He guided you to the path of righteousness and filled your breast with reverential bliss
93:8  And did He not find you needy and He made you independent
93:9  Therefore, do not mistreat the orphan or humiliate
93:10  Nor be unkind to the one who addresses a petition to you, be it fo
93:11  And express your gratitude by announcing Allah's bounty upon you and all grace abounding in you