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al-A`la (The Most High, Glory to your Lord in the Highest)
as rendered by Shabbir Ahmed
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Shabbir Ahmed rendition of Surah The Most High, Glory to your Lord in the Highest(al-A`la)
87:1 Strive to raise the Name of your Lord, the Most High. (Establish His Glory on earth (56:96)).
87:2 Who creates and proportions. (So that all things might become what they are meant to be).
87:3 And Who appoints due measure and then shows the way (to all things as to their functions).
87:4 And Who brings forth the lush pasture.
87:5 And then turns it into rust-brown residue. (18:45).
87:6 (O Messenger) We shall teach you thus that you will never forget. (Mankind need Guidance like all things in the Universe do).
87:7 Allah never Wills you to forget (17:86). Behold, He knows the manifest and what is hidden.
87:8 And thus We shall ease your way to the ultimate ease. (To the end that you will establish the Qur'an in the society).
87:9 Therefore, keep reminding, for, the Reminder does benefit.
87:10 (Behold), he will heed who fears (the consequences of pre-emptive rejection).
87:11 And only the unfortunate will stay on the side-lines.
87:12 He who will be cast into the great Fire.
87:13 Wherein he neither dies nor lives. Mere survival!
87:14 Successful, indeed, is he who primes his 'Self' for development. (Living upright, helping others).
87:15 And keeps foremost in mind the Name and the Attributes of his Lord and then follows through.
87:16 But nay, you prefer the life of this world. (Given to instant gains instead of living upright that ensures success in both lives (2:201), (3:147), (4:134), (7:156), (10:64), (17:72), (28:77), (42:22)).
87:17 Although the Hereafter is better and more enduring.
87:18 Behold, this has been said in the former Revelations as well. ('Suhuf' = Scrolls = Revelations).
87:19 The Revelations of Abraham and Moses.


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