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83:1  Woe to those who do not measure and scale justly!
83:2  They take their right from the people in full;
83:3  Yet (when it comes to giving the right of others) they reduce the measure and give them less!
83:4  Do they not think they will be resurrected (immediately after death)?
83:5  For a tremendous time.
83:6  A time when mankind will stand before the Rabb of the worlds!
83:7  No (never)! Indeed, the record of the falsifiers (who have strayed from the Truth) is in the sijjeen!
83:8  And what informs you of the sijjeen?
83:9  It is a non-erasable record!
83:10  Woe to the deniers (of sunnatullah) at that time!
83:11  Who denied their time of religion (the time of recompense; when the consequences of all deeds are automatically experienced)!
83:12  It is only every guilty transgressor who denies it!
83:13  When he is informed of Our signs he says, “The legends of the old!”
83:14  No (never)! Rather, the products of their deeds have covered their consciousness (like rust).
83:15  No! Indeed, that day they are veiled from their Rabb!
83:16  Then, indeed, they will enter the Fire.
83:17  Then they will be told, “This is the thing you denied.”
83:18  No... Indeed, the book of the righteous is in the iliyyun.
83:19  And what informs you of the iliyyun?
83:20  It is a non-erasable record!
83:21  Witnessed by the muqarriboon (those who have attained the state of divine closeness).
83:22  Indeed, the righteous will be in Paradises of pleasure.
83:23  On lounges, observing...
83:24  You will see the radiance of pleasure on their faces.
83:25  They will be made to drink from a sealed (protected) and purified wine.
83:26  The last of it is musk... So let those who compete, compete for this!
83:27  Its mixture is of Tasneem.
83:28  A spring from which those who have attained divine closeness (the muqarriboon) drink!
83:29  Indeed, the guilty used to laugh at the believers.
83:30  When they saw them they used to blink their eyes and mock them.
83:31  And when they returned to their people (families and friends) they used to return rejoicing.
83:32  And when they saw (the believers) they used to say, “Indeed, these ones have surely gone astray.”
83:33  Whereas they were not sent to be their guardians over them (the believers)!
83:34  So, today the believers are laughing at the veiled ones who denied the Truth!
83:35  Upon lounges, observing...
83:36  So, are the deniers of the reality thus living the consequences of their deeds?