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83:1  Woe to those who defraud
83:2  Those who, when they take anything by measure from others, take it in full
83:3  And who, when they measure or weigh things to give to others, give fraudulently less
83:4  Do they not think they will be raised to life again, after death
83:5  For a great Day
83:6  The Day when mankind shall stand before the Lord of the worlds
83:7  No indeed! [Mankind shall not be left unjudged.] The record of the the wicked persons is in Sijjeen.
83:8  And what do you understand what Sijjeen is
83:9  It is a written record!
83:10  Woe that Day to those who had denied the Truth
83:11  Those who had denied the Day of Judgement
83:12  None but those transgressing with criminal intent deny it
83:13  When Our Verses are recited to them, they say, "Fables of the ancient peoples!"
83:14  No! On the contrary, what they have been earning with their own deeds has made their minds dirty
83:15  No indeed! On that day they shall certainly be shut out from the presence of their Lord
83:16  And then they shall indeed suffer the blazing Fire of Hell
83:17  And then they will be told, "This is what you had been denying!"
83:18  But the record of the righteous peope is in Illiyyeen
83:19  And what do you understand what Illiyyoon is
83:20  It is a written record
83:21  Those closest to Allah are witnesses thereto
83:22  The righteous people will indeed be in bliss
83:23  [From their seats] on couches, they will look around them
83:24  In their faces you shall recognise the glow of bliss
83:25  They will be given to drink of sealed nectar
83:26  Sealed with [fragrance of] musk. And for this let the aspirants aspire
83:27  And it will be a blend with [the waters of] Tasneem
83:28  A fountain from which those who are closest to Allah will drink
83:29  Indeed those who do sinful acts laugh at the believers
83:30  And they [mischievously] wink at one another as they pass by them
83:31  And when they go back to people of their own kind, they go back cracking jokes about them (believers)
83:32  And when they see them [their own people], they tell them, "These people [believers] have indeed gone astray!"
83:33  And they [non-believers] are not sent as guardians over them [believers]
83:34  This Day [of Judgement] then the believers will laugh at those that had been suppressing the Truth
83:35  As they [believers] look around them [seated comfortably] upon their couches [and ruminate,
83:36  "Are not the suppressors of Truth duly requited for what they used to do?"