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83:1  Woe to the fraudulents
83:2  those who when they took by measure from other people, will take (it) full
83:3  and when they gave by measure to others, or weighed for others — they deduct and give less by weight and measure
83:4  Don't such people realise that they (one day, would be) those who have been resurrected (into a new life and have to face Accountability)
83:5  in relation to a Great Day —
83:6  the Day (all) mankind stands before (the) Nourisher-Sustainer of the worlds
83:7  By no means (such people will be redeemed): verily, the (personal) record of Al-Fujjar would be in Sijjin
83:8  And what did make you realise what Sijjin is
83:9  A Record inscribed
83:10  Woe that Day to the deniers
83:11  those who deny the Day of Judgment
83:12  And a person does not deny it except every transgressing, sinning one
83:13  When Our Verses are reproduced before him he said: “ Written material, in straight lines, of the initial people!”
83:14  Nay! Of course, a rust has set in over their hearts because of what they had been earning (in their beliefs and deeds)
83:15  Nay! Surely, they this Day, (would be) indeed those who have been veiled from (seeing) their Nourisher-Sustainer
83:16  Afterwards, surely, they are indeed those who move on and become a part of the blazing Fire
83:17  Then it will be said (to them): “This is what you had been committing denial thereof.”
83:18  Nay! Surely, the (personal) record of Al-Abrar is indeed (kept) in ‘Iliyyun
83:19  And what made you realise what ‘Iliyyun is
83:20  A Record inscribed
83:21  Those made nearest (to God) will witness it
83:22  Surely, Al-Abrar will be in delights (of Paradise)
83:23  (Seated) on sofas they will watch
83:24  You will recognise in their faces the brightness and freshness of delights
83:25  They will be given to drink of a beverage — (fully) sealed (against contamination)
83:26  Khitam (‘seal’ or ‘sealing material’ or ‘sealing process’ applied) unto it (contains) musk. Then (for this) must aspire the aspirants
83:27  And its component will be from Tasnim
83:28  a spring whereof drink those made nearest (to Allah and chosen by Him)
83:29  Verily, those who committed crimes (during their worldly life) used to laugh at those who Believed
83:30  And when they passed by them they would wink at each other (in mockery)
83:31  And when they returned to their house-hold or their followers, they returned as those who behave as happy-go-lucky people (jesting and exulting)
83:32  And when they (i.e., the misled people) saw them (the Believers), they said: 'Undoubtedly all these people are indeed those who have lost the track'
83:33  although they (the disbelievers or hypocrites) have not been imposed on them as watchers (or controllers)
83:34  So this Day (in the Hereafter) those who Believed would laugh at the disbelievers
83:35  On sofas they shall (recline and) watch (the delights in Paradise)
83:36  Have the disbelievers been paid fully what they used to do