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83:1  Woe to those who give short measure
83:2  who demand of other people full measure for themselves
83:3  but give less than they should when it is they who weigh or measure for others
83:4  Do these people not realize that they will be raised u
83:5  on a mighty Day
83:6  a Day when everyone will stand before the Lord of the Worlds
83:7  No indeed! The list of the wicked is in Sijjin–&ndash
83:8  what will explain to you what Sijjin is?–&ndash
83:9  a clearly numbered list
83:10  Woe on that day to the deniers
83:11  those who deny the Day of Judgement
83:12  Only the evil aggressor denies it
83:13  when Our revelations are recited to him, he says, ‘Ancient fables!’
83:14  No indeed! Their hearts are encrusted with what they have done
83:15  No indeed! On that Day they will be screened offfrom their Lord
83:16  they will burn in Hell
83:17  and they will be told, ‘This is what you called a lie.’
83:18  No indeed! The list of the truly good is in 'Illiyyin–&ndash
83:19  what will explain to you what 'Illiyyin is?–&ndash
83:20  a clearly written list
83:21  witnessed by those brought near
83:22  The truly good will live in bliss
83:23  seated on couches, gazing around
83:24  You will recognize on their faces the radiance of bliss
83:25  They will be served a sealed nectar
83:26  its seal [perfumed with] a fragrant herb––let those who strive, strive for this–&ndash
83:27  mixed with the water of Tasnim
83:28  a spring from which those brought near will drink
83:29  The wicked used to laugh at the believers–&ndash
83:30  they would wink at one another when the believers passed by them
83:31  joke about them when they got back to their own people
83:32  and say, when they saw them, ‘These people are misguided,’
83:33  though they were not sent to be their keepers
83:34  so today the believers are laughing at the disbeliever
83:35  as they sit on couches, gazing around
83:36  Have the disbelievers [not] been repaid for their deeds