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82:1  WHEN THE SKY is split asunder
82:2  And the stars dispersed
82:3  When the oceans begin to flow
82:4  When the graves are overturned
82:5  Each soul will know what it had sent ahead and what it had left behind
82:6  O man, what seduced you from your munificent Lor
82:7  Who created you then formed your symmetry, then gave you right proportion
82:8  Shaping you into any form He pleased
82:9  Even then you deny the Judgement
82:10  Surely there are guardians over you
82:11  Illustrious scribe
82:12  Who know what you do
82:13  The pious will surely be in heaven
82:14  The wicked certainly in Hell
82:15  They will burn in it on the Day of Judgement
82:16  And will not be removed from it
82:17  How can you comprehend what the Day of Judgement is
82:18  How then can you comprehend what the Day of Judgement is
82:19  It is the day when no soul will have power to do the least for a soul, and God's alone will be done