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81:1  When the sun is shrouded,
81:2  when the stars are dimmed,
81:3  when the mountains are moved,
81:4  when pregnant camels are left untended,
81:5  when wild beasts are gathered,
81:6  when the seas boil,
81:7  when the souls are paired,
81:8  when the baby girl buried alive is asked
81:9  for which crime she was murdered,
81:10  when the scrolls of deeds are unrolled,
81:11  and when a layer of the sky is peeled,
81:12  when Hell is set ablaze,
81:13  when Paradise is brought near –
81:14  then everyone will know what they achieved or failed to achieve in life.
81:15  So, I swear by the shining stars,
81:16  by the dying stars,
81:17  by the fall of the night,
81:18  by the morning breeze.
81:19  Certainly, the Quran is the recitation of a noble Angel,
81:20  who possesses immense power, and has a firmly-established rank with the Possessor of the Divine Throne,
81:21  who is obeyed by other angels and is trustworthy.
81:22  Your companion isn’t mad;
81:23  he saw him clearly on the horizon.
81:24  He doesn’t hide the news of the Unseen.
81:25  It isn’t the word of a rejected devil.
81:26  So where are you going?
81:27  It’s a reminder for all people,
81:28  especially for the one who longs to be guided on the straight path.
81:29  But how can you long for it unless Allah, the Lord of the worlds, so wills, to show you that way