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81:1  When the sunshine is folded up,
81:2  And when the stars fall off,
81:3  And when the mountains are made to move,
81:4  And when the pregnant she camels are abandoned.
81:5  And when the beasts are gathered together,
81:6  And when the seas are kindled,
81:7  And when the souls are paired.
81:8  And when the female buried alive is questioned about.
81:9  For what crime was she killed?
81:10  And when the sheets of actions are opened,
81:11  And when the heaven is taken off from its place,
81:12  And when the Hell is caused to flare up,
81:13  And when the Paradise is brought, near,
81:14  (Then) each soul shall know what it has brought forward.
81:15  Then I swear by those that recede;
81:16  More straight and then stop.
81:17  And by the night when it departs.
81:18  And by the morning when it breathes.
81:19  Undoubtedly, this is the recitation of a noble Messenger.
81:20  Who is powerful, dignified in the presence of the Lord of the Throne.
81:21  There He is obeyed, He is trustworthy.
81:22  And your companion is not mad.
81:23  And undoubtedly, he saw him on the bright horizon.
81:24  And he is not niggardly as to the disclosing of unseen.
81:25  And the Quran is not the recitation of satan (Devil) the accursed.
81:26  Whither, then, are you going?
81:27  This is not but an admonition to the entire world.
81:28  For him among you who desire to be straight.
81:29  And what you desire, but only this that Allah the Lord of the world desires