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81:1  "When the sun is folded up,"
81:2  "and when the stars fall,"
81:3  "and when the mountains vanish,"
81:4  "and when the pregnant camels (ready to deliver their young) are abandoned,"
81:5  "and when the wild animals are herded together,"
81:6  "and when the oceans are on fire,"
81:7  "and when the souls are reunited,"
81:8  and when the baby girl who was buried alive is aske
81:9  "for what crime she was killed,"
81:10  "and when the scrolls are spread open,"
81:11  "and when the sky is torn off,"
81:12  "and when Hell is set to plaze,"
81:13  "and when the Gardenis brought near,"
81:14  (then) every soul will know what it has prepared (for itself)
81:15  "So, I call to witness the planets that recede,"
81:16  "and rise and set,"
81:17  "and the night as it darkens,"
81:18  "and the dawn as it breathes (away the darkness),"
81:19  "that this is truly the word of a noble Messenger (from Allah),"
81:20  "he (Jibr???l) is powerful, and has a place of honour with the Lord of the Throne,"
81:21  he is obeyed and trustworthy
81:22  And your companion (Mu?ammad) is not crazy
81:23  "He saw him (Jibr???l) without any doubt, on the clear horizon,"
81:24  "and he is not hiding anything of the Unseen,"
81:25  and this is not the speech of a cursed devil
81:26  "Where, then, are you going?"
81:27  "This is no less than a Reminder to all creation,"
81:28  to those of you who wish to walk straight
81:29  and you will not wish to unless Allah wills -- the Lord of the Worlds