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at-Takwir (The Overthrowing, The Cessation)
as rendered by George Sale
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George Sale rendition of Surah The Overthrowing, The Cessation(at-Takwir)
81:1 When the sun shall be folded up;
81:2 and when the stars shall fall;
81:3 and when the mountains shall be made to pass away;
81:4 and when the camels ten months gone with young shall be neglected;
81:5 and when the wild beasts shall be gathered together;
81:6 and when the seas shall boil;
81:7 and when the souls shall be joined again to their bodies;
81:8 and when the girl who hath been buried alive shall be asked
81:9 for what crime she was put to death;
81:10 and when the books shall be laid open;
81:11 and when the heaven shall be removed;
81:12 and when hell shall burn fiercely;
81:13 and when paradise shall be brought near:
81:14 Every soul shall know what it hath wrought.
81:15 Verily I swear by the stars which are retrograde,
81:16 which move swiftly, and which hide themselves;
81:17 and by the night, when it cometh on;
81:18 and by the morning, when it appeareth;
81:19 that these are the words of an honourable messenger,
81:20 endued with strengeth, of established dignity in the sight of the possessor of the throne,
81:21 obeyed by the angels under his authority, and faithful:
81:22 And your companion Mohammed is not distracted.
81:23 He had already seen him in the clear horizon:
81:24 And he suspected not the secrets revealed unto him.
81:25 Neither are these the words of an accursed devil.
81:26 Whither, therefore, are ye going?
81:27 This is no other than an admonition unto all creatures;
81:28 unto him among you who shall be willing to walk uprightly:
81:29 But ye shall not will, unless God willeth, the Lord of all creatures.


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