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81:1  When once the sun is contracted and loses light and becomes dim
81:2  The stars emit no light, lose aspect, contribute to cosmic catastrophes and they are no longer in trim
81:3  The mountains are put in motion and vanish
81:4  The precious pregnant she - camels are forsaken
81:5  The wild beasts are thronged
81:6  The seas boil and become inundated
81:7  The like are consorted with the like, joined in companionship and associated (or the souls embodied
81:8  The entombed - alive female infant is asked
81:9  For what guilt was she made to suffer infanticide
81:10  And when the records are laid open and are open wide
81:11  And when the heaven is erased
81:12  And when Hell is blazed
81:13  And when Paradise is brought close at hand
81:14  Then, every soul becomes fully cognizant of what she brought along of deeds imprinted with wisdom and piety or works imprinted with iniquity and impiety
81:15  I swear by the heavenly bodies that recede
81:16  The planets which in a retrograde motion do proceed
81:17  And by the night when she feels her way and then softly moves away
81:18  And by the morn when it draws the breath of relief and heyday
81:19  That it -the Quran- is the word of Allah conveyed by a distinguished Messenger Jibril (Gabriel) who is regarded with honour
81:20  He is quite powerful and he is endued from the Throne of grace with high esteem
81:21  And he is obeyed in the realm and to his trust he is faithfully supreme
81:22  Nor is your companion the -Prophet Muhammad- possessed by an evil spirit
81:23  For he certainly saw him -the angel Jibril- at the clear horizon
81:24  Nor should he be accused of withholding any heavenly or divine knowledge of the unseen
81:25  Nor is it -the Quran- the word of an accursed spirit
81:26  How could you think this way and where can you turn
81:27  This Quran is but a universal message and an admonition of great concern
81:28  For him who, among you, wishes to follow the path of rectitude which is the path in the main
81:29  But even then you cannot exercise your will unless it be Allah's will; He is the Creator of the worlds