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80:1  He (the prophet) frowned and turned away,
80:2  when there came to him the blind man (Abdullah bin Umme Maktoom, who came to the prophet while the prophet was preaching to the chiefs of Makkah).
80:3  And how can you know? He might become pure (from sins)
80:4  or he might receive admonition, and the admonition might profit him.
80:5  As for those who think themselves indifferent,
80:6  to whom you were attending;
80:7  you will not be held responsible, if they would not purify themselves (your duty is to convey the message of Allah).
80:8  Yet, to him who came to you running (with enthusiasm)
80:9  and with fear (of Allah),
80:10  you were unmindful from him.
80:11  Nay, (you should not do so), indeed this is an admonition;
80:12  so those who want, let them pay attention to it.
80:13  It is written in honored records,
80:14  exalted (in dignity), purified,
80:15  in the hands of scribes (angels),
80:16  (who are) honorable and obedient.
80:17  Be cursed (disbelieving) people! How ungrateful they are!
80:18  Out of what He has created them?
80:19  From semen drop He has created them and then set them in due proportion,
80:20  then makes their way (of life) easy for them,
80:21  then causes them to die and puts them in their graves.
80:22  Then, He will surely resurrect them again when He wills.
80:23  Nay, but they (disbelievers) have not fulfilled what He has commanded them.
80:24  Then let people look at their food.
80:25  We pour out water (rain) in abundance
80:26  then split the earth (soil) in clefts.
80:27  And We cause to grow in it the grain,
80:28  and grapes and clover plants,
80:29  and olives and date-palms,
80:30  and gardens, dense with many trees,
80:31  and fruits and fodder,
80:32  as a provision and benefit for you and your cattle.
80:33  Then when there will come the deafening shout,
80:34  on that Day a person will flee from his brother,
80:35  and his mother and his father,
80:36  and his spouse and its children.
80:37  On that Day, every person will have enough concern to become careless of others
80:38  Some faces on that Day will be bright (for true believers),
80:39  laughing, rejoicing at good news (of Paradise).
80:40  And other faces on that Day will be dusty,
80:41  darkness will cover them.
80:42  Such will be the (faces of the) disbelieving wicked.