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80:1  HE¹ FROWNED and turned his bac
80:2  when the blind man came towards him
80:3  How could you¹ tell? He might have sought to purify himself
80:4  He might have remembered, and remembrance might have done him good
80:5  But to the wealthy ma
80:6  you were all attention
80:7  although the fault would not be yours if he remained uncleansed
80:8  Yet to him that came to you with zea
80:9  and awe
80:10  you paid no heed
80:11  No! This is an Admonition
80:12  let him who will, bear it in mind
80:13  It is set down on honoured pages
80:14  exalted and purified
80:15  by the hands of devout and gracious scribes
80:16  --(translation missing in source)-
80:17  Let man perish! How ungrateful he is
80:18  From what did He create him
80:19  From a little germ He created him and gave him due proportion
80:20  He made his path smooth for him
80:21  then caused him to die and stowed him in a grave
80:22  He will surely bring him back to life when He pleases
80:23  Yet he declines to do His bidding
80:24  Let man reflect on the food he eats
80:25  how We pour down the rain in torrent
80:26  and cleave the earth asunder
80:27  how We bring forth the corn
80:28  the grapes and the fresh vegetation
80:29  the olive and the palm
80:30  the thickets
80:31  the fruit-trees and the green pasture
80:32  for you and for your cattle to delight in
80:33  But when the dread blast is sounded
80:34  on that day each man will forsake his brother
80:35  his mother and his father
80:36  his consort and his children
80:37  for each one of them will on that day have enough sorrow of his own
80:38  On that day there shall be beaming faces
80:39  laughing and joyful
80:40  On that day there shall be faces covered with dust
80:41  veiled with darkness
80:42  These shall be the faces of the degenerate blasphemers