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80:1  He frowned and turned aside
80:2  Because there came to him the blind man
80:3  And what would make thee know that he would purify himself
80:4  Or, that he would take heed and the taking of heed would benefit him
80:5  How could it be that he who is disdainfully indifferent to the Truth
80:6  Unto him thou shouldst pay attention
80:7  Though thou art not responsible if he does not become purified
80:8  But he who comes to thee hastening
80:9  And he fears God
80:10  Him shouldst thou neglect
80:11  That should not be ! Surely, it is a Reminder
80:12  So let him who desires pay heed to it
80:13  Contained in honoured Books
80:14  Exalted, purified
80:15  In the hands of writers
80:16  Noble and virtuous
80:17  Woe unto man ! How ungrateful he is
80:18  Does he not consider, from what thing did God create him
80:19  From a sperm-drop ! HE creates him and proportions him
80:20  Then HE makes the way easy for him
80:21  Then in due course HE causes him to die and assigns a grave to him
80:22  Then, when HE pleases, HE will raise him up again
80:23  Nay ! he has not yet carried out what God commanded him to do
80:24  Now let man look at his food
80:25  How WE pour down water in abundance
80:26  Then WE cleave the earth a proper cleaving
80:27  Then WE cause to grow therein grain
80:28  And grapes and vegetables
80:29  And the olive and the date-palm
80:30  And walled gardens thickly planted
80:31  And fruits and herbage
80:32  A provision for you and your cattle
80:33  But when the deafening shout comes
80:34  On the day when a man will flee from his brother
80:35  And from his mother and his father
80:36  And from his wife and his sons
80:37  Every man among them that day will have concern enough of his own to make him indifferent to others
80:38  On that day some faces will be bright
80:39  Laughing, joyous
80:40  And some faces, on that day, will have dust upon them
80:41  Darkness covering them
80:42  Those will be the disbelievers, the doers of evil