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78:1  What do they question each other about
78:2  About the awesome news [of the Resurrection and life after death
78:3  which they cannot agree on
78:4  No! But they will come to know (soon enough)
78:5  No! Surey they will find out
78:6  Have We not made the earth easy and wid
78:7  "and (We made) the mountains as pegs (to hold it firm),"
78:8  "and created you in pairs,"
78:9  "and have made your sleep for rest,"
78:10  "and have made the night as a cloak,"
78:11  and have made the day as a time to earn your living
78:12  "And We have built above you seven strong heavens,"
78:13  "and have made a blazing lamp [the sun],"
78:14  and have sent down from the rain clouds abundantwater
78:15  "so that We may produce with it grain and vegetables,"
78:16  "and gardens, thick with leaves."
78:17  Surely the Day of Decision has a set time
78:18  "a Day when the trumpet will be blown, and you shall come in great crowds"
78:19  "and the heaven will be opened as if there were gates (in it),"
78:20  and the mountains shall vanish as if they were a mirage
78:21  "Surely Hell is waiting in ambush, "
78:22  "a home for those who pass the limits,"
78:23  "living there for ages,"
78:24  "tasting no coolness there, nor any drink"
78:25  "except boiling water and filthy fluids [such as the sweat, tear, and pus of the people of Hell]:"
78:26  a punishment to fit the crime
78:27  "Look, they did not think that their deeds would be counted,"
78:28  but they called Our verses lies and denied them
78:29  and We have recorded everything in a Book
78:30  So taste (what you have earned). We will not give you more of anything except punishment
78:31  "Truly, for the righteous ones there will be a place of victory --"
78:32  private gardens and grapevines
78:33  "and young women, the same age (as them, for company),"
78:34  "and a cup, full (to the brim)."
78:35  "There, they never hear trivial talk [useless, vain, idle talk; speaking of things which are not important] or lies --"
78:36  a reward from your Lord; a satisfying gif
78:37  "(from) the Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them, the All-Merciful, with Whom no one has the power to argue."
78:38  "On the day the Spirit [e.g. Jibr???l] and the angels stand in rows, no one will speak except he who has the permission of the All-Merciful, and who says what is right."
78:39  "That is the Day of Truth; so whoever wishes should find a way to return to his Lord [through obedience to Allah's commands, which will save one from punishment]!"
78:40  "Truly, We have warned you about a nearby punishment, on a Day when a man will see (the deeds) that his own hands have sent before him, and the disbeliever will cry, 'Oh, if only I were dust!'"