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an-Naba` (The Tidings, The Announcement)
as rendered by Abdul Majid Daryabadi
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Abdul Majid Daryabadi rendition of Surah The Tidings, The Announcement(an-Naba`)
78:1 Of what ask they?
78:2 Of the mighty Announcement,
78:3 Concerning which they differ.
78:4 By no means! anon they shall know.
78:5 Again, by no means! anon they shall know.
78:6 Have We not made the earth an expanse.
78:7 And the mountains as stakes?
78:8 And We have created you in pairs.
78:9 And We have made your sleep as a rest.
78:10 And We have made the night a covering.
78:11 And We have made the day for seeking livelihood.
78:12 And We have builded over you seven strong heavens.
78:13 And We have set therein lamps glowing.
78:14 And We have sent down from the rain-clouds water plenteous.
78:15 So that We bring forth thereby corn and vegetation.
78:16 And gardens thick with trees.
78:17 Verily the Day of Decision is a time appointed.
78:18 It is a Day whereon the trumpet will be blown, and ye will come in multitudes.
78:19 And the heaven will have been opened, and it will have become doors.
78:20 And the mountains will have been removed away, and they will have become as mirage.
78:21 Verily the Hell is an ambuscade:
78:22 For the exorbitant a receptacle.
78:23 They will tarry therein for ages.
78:24 They will not taste therein cool or any drink.
78:25 Save scalding water and corruption.
78:26 Recompense fitted!
78:27 Verily they were wont not to look for a reckoning.
78:28 And they belied Our revelations with strong belying.
78:29 And everything We have recorded in a book.
78:30 Taste therefore. We shall not increase you in aught but torment.
78:31 Verily for the God-fearing is an achievement.
78:32 Gardens enclosed and vineyards,
78:33 And full-breasted maidens of equal age.
78:34 And a cup overflowing.
78:35 They will hear therein no babble nor falsehood:
78:36 A recompense from thy Lord-a gift sufficient -
78:37 From the Lord of the heavens and the earth and of whatsoever is in bet-ween them, the Compassionate with Whom they can demand not audience.
78:38 On the Day whereon the spirits and the angels will stand arrayed, they will not be able to speak save him whom the Compassionate giveth leave and who speaketh aright.
78:39 That is the Sure Day. Whosoever therefore willeth, let him betake Unto his Lord a resort.
78:40 Verily We! We have warned you of a torment nigh at hand, a Day whereon a man shall behold that which his hands have sent forth, and the infidel will say: would that I were dust!


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