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78:1  What do they question one another about
78:2  About the mighty Event
78:3  Concerning which they differ
78:4  Nay, soon they will come to know
78:5  Nay, WE say it again, they will soon come to know
78:6  Have WE not made the earth as a bed
78:7  And the mountains as pegs
78:8  And WE have created you in pairs
78:9  And have made your sleep for rest
78:10  And have made the night as a covering
78:11  And have made the day for the pursuits of life
78:12  And WE have built above you seven strong ones
78:13  And have made the sun a bright lamp
78:14  And WE send down from the dripping clouds water pouring forth abundantly
78:15  That WE may bring forth thereby grain and vegetation
78:16  And gardens of luxuriant growth
78:17  Surely, the Day of Decision is an appointed time
78:18  The day when the trumpet will be blown, and you will come in large groups
78:19  And the heaven shall be opened and shall become all doors
78:20  And the mountains shall be set in motion and shall become, as if they were, a mirage
78:21  Surely, Hell lies in ambush
78:22  A resort for the rebellious
78:23  Who will tarry therein for ages
78:24  They will taste therein neither coolness, nor drink
78:25  Save boiling water and a stinking fluid, intensely cold
78:26  A meet requital
78:27  Verily, they feared not the reckoning
78:28  And rejected Our Signs totally
78:29  And everything have WE recorded in a Book
78:30  `Taste ye, therefore, the punishment; WE will give you no increase except in torment.
78:31  Verily, for the righteous is decreed a triumph
78:32  Walled gardens and grapevines
78:33  And young maidens of equal age
78:34  And over-flowing cups
78:35  Therein they will hear no vain discourse nor lying
78:36  A recompense from thy Lord - a gift amply sufficient
78:37  Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them, the Gracious God. They shall not have the power to address HIM
78:38  On the day when the Spirit and the angels will stand in rows, they shall not speak, except he whom the Gracious God will grant leave, and who will speak only what is right
78:39  That day is sure to come. So let him, who will, seek recourse unto his Lord
78:40  Verily, WE have warned you of a punishment which is near at hand - a day when man will see what his hands have sent on before and the disbeliever will say, `Would that I were mere dust !