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75:1  Nay! I bring as witness the Day of Resurrection
75:2  And, Nay! I bring to witness the self-censuring Nafs (self)
75:3  Does a human being assess that We shall never assemble his bones
75:4  Of course, (We are) Capable Ones over (this) that We align perfectly (even) his finger-tips
75:5  Of course, a human being intends that he may commit sins prior to that (Day of Resurrection)
75:6  (That is why) he asks: “When (will be this) Day of Resurrection
75:7  So, when the sight is dazed
75:8  and the moon went in eclipse
75:9  and the sun and the moon got joined to one another; (or got withdrawn from their orbits)
75:10  that Day the human being will say: “Where is the place of escape and then refuge
75:11  By no means! (Today, there is) no place of hiding or refuge
75:12  Towards your Nourisher-Sustainer, this Day, (is) the place of stay
75:13  On that Day, the human being would be informed about what he sent forward, and what he left behind
75:14  Nay! The human being is a watch over his own Nafs
75:15  even if he put forward his excuses (regarding ignorance of the law of God)
75:16  Move not your tongue with it that you may make haste in memorising it (while this Al-Kitab is being inspired unto you)
75:17  Surely, on Us is the duty for its collection and its recitation
75:18  so when We have recited it, then adopt its recitation
75:19  Further on, indeed, on Us (is to provide) its explanation (within its Text)
75:20  By no means! (Your life becomes successful only by adopting the Book of Allah). Nay! You people develop love with the immediate life
75:21  and you people overlook the Hereafter
75:22  Some faces that Day (would be) shining and radiant
75:23  loohead of state forward to (the meeting with) their Nourisher-Sustainer
75:24  And (some) faces this Day (would be) Basirah (pale,and gloomy) —
75:25  (such a Nafs thinks) that a back-breahead of state event (as punishment) is to be done with her
75:26  Nay! When (the soul of a dying person) has already reached the Taraqiya [this is a plural-word which refers to the Throats, collar-bones or the epi-sternum]
75:27  And it is cried out: “Who (would act as a) Raaqq (Talismanical restorer, witch-doctor and magic-healer)?”
75:28  And he (i.e., the dying-person or his attendant or relative) became sure that it is Al-Firaq (the Departure)
75:29  And the calf (of one side) came closer to the calf (of the other side)
75:30  To your Nourisher-Sustainer, this Day, (is) the shifting-process
75:31  So (the disbelieving, hypocrite) did not testify (Al-Kitab) and did not offer Prayers
75:32  But (on the contrary) he belied (the Scripture) and bypassed (it)
75:33  then he walked to his family and followers — he exhibits pride and arrogance
75:34  Woe to you (who feel self-pride in hypocrisy and disbelief)! So (again) woe (to you)
75:35  Another time, woe to you! So (again) woe (to you)
75:36  Does the human personality think that he will be left Suda (untamed, uncontrolled and un-accounted for)
75:37  Was he not a Nutfah contained in the semen poured forth
75:38  Afterwards he became ‘Alaqatan. Then He differentiated (it) into a creation, and shaped and fashioned (him) in proportion
75:39  Then He made out of that (partially differentiated, vaguely evident foetal-mass) two different sexes — the male and the female
75:40  Is not This (One) Capable over that He may revive the dead